Vaughn Chest & Arm Velocity VE9 Pro Sr


The new Vaughn V9 Pro Senior Chest & Arm protector is the next generation of the extremely popular VE8 Chest Protector series.  The engineers at Vaughn have listened to their goalies and have added several new features that makes the V9 even better then the VE8 (which happened to be one of the best selling pro chest protector units for the past two years).  New for 2020 is the use of HD Carbon Foams for a much lighter unit compared to past Velocity chest protectors.  The V9 shoulder floaters will have a more square shape to them without losing any of the mobility that the Velocity chest protector is known for.  The arms on the V9 chest protector have also been re-engineered top to bottom including an adjustable arm length feature.  Goalies can adjust the arm length very quickly and easily in the matter of seconds.  Shoulder caps will be attached to the upper arm to add another layer of protection.  These will also protect the upper arm when adjusting the arm length as it will seal any hole that may be created in the adjustment process. The bicep area has a new design as well.  The cap of the bicep has been flattened out with extra protection in this area (one complaint goalies would have about previous Vaughn units was lack of protection in this area).  Along with more padding in the front of the bicep area, the side profile of the bicep area has been made deeper with an extra outer extension pad.  The arm floaters also have a new mid bar pad in the center seam which eliminates any gap there may be while a goalie is flexing there arms.  The arm floaters have also had HD Foam and Carbon inserts added for extra protection.

A new vertical adjustment system has been added to allow a goalie to adjust how high or how low a goalie wants the throat and shoulder area to sit.  The rib area has also been extended on the V9 along with a new quick style strapping system.  Similar to the goalie pad strapping, the new V9 uses a velcro attachment for quick and  easy fitting.  The great thing about all of these new features is the V9 still has the great mobility that the Velocity line is known for.  There is a reason that Vaughn chest protectors account for 50% of all chest protectors worn in the NHL.

Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Senior Chest Protector Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • HD Carbon foams used for light weight and increased protection
  • New style chest pad straps
  • New chest design expands coverage area
  • Extended side rib cage coverage
  • New chest pad vertical adjustment system
  • Large back pad with HD foam over spine area
  • Large style shoulder floaters for maximum coverage
  • Large shoulder cap cushions provide increased impact resistance
  • HD shoulder with extension to increase protection in arm pit area
  • New design holds shoulder floaters square and secure
  • New V9 graphics and color scheme for more visual appeal
  • Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
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