Coveted 906 Pro mask


The Coveted 906 Goalie Mask is a hand laid fiberglass mask with full layer Kevlar reinforcement outer shell with a layer of carbon fiber on the inner shell.  It is extremely rare for a mask to use both Kevlar and carbon fiber on the same mask.  Generally the mask manufacture will choose one or the other but not both.  We feel that this gives the Coveted 906 Mask a leg up on the competition in terms of shell strength and rigidity.  Combined with the fact that the 906 Mask is priced a few hundred dollars less then other high end goalie masks, we feel this mask has a ton of bang for the buck.  The 905 Mask uses a 5 point open harness for maximum art room on the back plate if the goalie chooses to paint their mask.  As for internal comfort on the Coveted 906 Mask, the foam used in this mask is a black neoprene foam. At first glance the black foam looks like the hard and uncomfortable foam used in lower grade masks, however this is neoprene foam which has a very soft and comfortable feel that helps eliminate pressure points.  The fit on the 906 goalie mask fits a head circumference of 22 3/4 to 23 1/4 inch hat line.  The temple fit is considered a wide fit with the cheek area being a wide/generous fit.  The chin area is a wide/medium fit so the combination of these three areas make the 906 the mask choice for someone with a slightly larger or rounder shaped face.  If a goalie with a thinner shaped face is looking for a Coveted Mask with these features, please go to the Coveted 905 Mask page.


Coveted 906 Pro Non-Certified Cat Eye Senior Goalie Mask Features
- The shell is made of hand-laid fiberglass with full Kevlar reinforcements
- The interior is made of carbon fiber for extra strength
- Black die cut neoprene foam inside for comfortable feel
- 1? wide black elastic harness with 5 connection points
- Stainless steel large single bar non-certified cat eye cage
- Premium stainless steel hardware fights sweat and corrosion
- Hat size 22 3/4in. to 23 1/4in.
- Padded Mask Bag Included

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